Matsuura Aya – Anata ni Deaete

January 5, 2012

English translation:

Meeting you
My journey alone stopped being boring completely
Meeting you
I began to feel like crying when I looked at the beautiful scenery

Meeting you
I learned of painful greif
Meeting you
I let real tears flow

Painful greif
Real tears
The real meaning of being alive

Meeting you
I started to long for tomorrow

The real meaning of
Being alive
Living on
The joy, sadness and difficulty
Of loving
And being loved

Meeting you
I thought of real kindness

Meeting you
Being alone stopped being lonely




Anata ni deaete
Hitoritabi ga tsumaranaku natte shimatta
Anata ni deaete
Utsukushii keshiki wo miru to nakitaku natta

Anata ni deaete
Setsunai itami wo shitta
Anatani deaete
Hontou no namida wo nagashita

Setsunai itami
Hontou no namida
Ikiteiru to iu koto no hontou no imi

Anata ni deaete
Ashita ga machidooshiku natta

Ikiteiru to iu koto no
Ikitsuzuketeiku koto no
Hontou no imi wo
Aisuru to iu koto no
Aisareru to iu koto no
Yorokobi to kanashimi to muzukashisa

Anatani deaete
Hontou no yasashisa wo kangaeta

Anata ni deaete
Hitori ga samishikunaku natta




3 Responses to “Matsuura Aya – Anata ni Deaete”

  1. Mattthecat Says:

    Thank you so much for this translation. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Tako Says:

    Many thanks for this translation!
    And once again, thanks a lot for taking my request too!
    Really appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the translation!

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