SID – Rain

April 8, 2010

Full version lyrics!

English translation:

June’s lies   and the truth in front of my eyes   are put away in sepia tones
Nestling close to one another,   warmth;   I don’t understand those things anymore

“You’ll be fine on your own… right?”   you said, forcing it upon me   and then you said goodbye
If it’s going to be that kind of consolation   then I should be tired of hearing it by now

Endlessly ringing;   the merciless memories   seem to have no intention of  forgiving me
If i close my eyes   they will only grow   surrounding me at a distance   you laugh

Will the rain   ever stop, I wonder?   For a pretty long time now   it’s been cold
Why does the rain   choose me?   Why does it choose me   who has nowhere to escape to?

Time intrudes   on the new morning   I finally found
The direction I face   is not the future   I kept chasing after the past

You, who gave me   a new start by your consolations   and the hateful   and cowardly me
It’s about time…   Fumbling,  my troubles spill down   my tired cheeks

Eyes that don’t want to know the past   and fingers that can wash it all away
Scars heal at a gentle pace;   at an unreachable distance     that seems to be within reach

Will the rain   ever stop, I wonder?   For a pretty long time now   it’s been cold
Why does the rain   choose me?   I wonder if it’s ok to let it cover me

The rain   keeps on falling today as well   knowing no end
While we   quietly   nestle together under the umbrella I hold


Rokugatsu no uso  me no mae no hontou  sepia ni shimaikomi
Yorisou to ka  nukumori to ka  wakaranaku natteta

“Kimi wa hitori de heiki dakara… ne” to  oshitsukete  sayonara
Sono tagui no kiyasume nara  kikiakita hazu na no ni

Nariyamanai  youshanai omoidetachi wa  yurushitekuresou ni mo nai
Me wo tojireba  ikioi wa masu bakari de  toomaki de  kimi ga warau

Ame wa  itsuka yamu no deshou  zuibun nagai aida  tsumetai
Ame wa  doushite boku wo erabu no  nigeba no nai  boku wo erabu no

Yatto mitsuketa  atarashii asa wa  tsukihi ga jama wo suru
Mukau saki wa  ”tsugi” ja nakute  ”sugi” bakari oikaketa

Nagusame kara  kikkake wo kureta kimi to  urameshiku  kowagari na boku
Sorosoro ka na  tesaguri  tsukareta hou wo  kattou ga koboreochiru

Kako wo shiritagaranai hitomi  arainagashite kureru yubi
Yasashii hohaba de  iyasu kizuato  todokisou de  todokanai kyori

Ame wa  itsuka yamu no deshou  zuibun nagai aida  tsumetai
Ame wa  doushite boku wo erabu no  tsutsumarete  ii ka na

Ame wa  yamu koto wo shirazu ni  kyou mo furitsuzuku keredo
Sotto  sashidashita kasa no naka de  nukumori ni  yorisoi nagara


34 Responses to “SID – Rain”

  1. tami Says:

    Where can I get the full version mp3? I couldn’t find it on google yet. Please tell me, thank you!

  2. Tsubaki Says:

    you can find the song in 4shared or sendspace!

    • Mao Says:

      Www. Free anime songs no strings. Just go to dowld music and search SID. They also have Uso and Monochrome no kiss.

  3. jEiEL Says:

    i really really did Love the SOUNDTRACK!!!!
    it was so darn attracted to it!!! IT MAKES ME WANNA SING!!!!!

  4. Hei Says:

    Awesome Lyrics. And awesome song.

  5. GLADZ Says:


  6. GLADZ Says:


  7. GLADZ Says:


  8. Kobato Says:

    Ihave the download link! Here:

    BTW: i uploaded it! 🙂

  9. weak Says:

    i like the song so much

  10. pjulz Says:

    best song for fullmetal, very2 related to this on goin to final episode.

  11. Hope Says:

    hey, if you guys really like a song but its not on itunes, go to here it lets you convert almost any youtube video into a mp3 format for FREE! its so cool. thats how i got all my SID songs on my ipod. n it has absolutly no viruses(just dont click on the advertisments)!

  12. kaname Says:

    i want to put this song on my blog but i didn’t find the website that have this song

  13. laybarethesoul Says:

    I love this song so much!!!!!!! did you translate this your self? I’d love to chat with you about the different possible translations of the song 🙂

  14. abu groza Says:

    this music in my own language is “mantaaaaaaph” “ngeunah pisan euy”

  15. break Says:

    very meaningful song

  16. Arashi Says:

    I love SID; they are the best

  17. […] Saya mau nunjukin mana yang salah dari lirik saya. Warna merah berarti bagian yang salah, dan biru berarti ngga ada. Fyi, lirik diambil dari sini. […]

  18. lanre Says:

    U can find it on Just type SID-Uso in d search field…

  19. My mind and my mouth can’t stop from singing this song…i love it! XD

  20. Geraldy Says:

    you can get it on 4shared

  21. mukai Says:

    i love ths lyric meaning…. but wht is sepia tones??? wakaranai ~.~”

  22. “will the rain ever stop.”<333

  23. Juwan Keyshawn Says:

    I love this song “Why does the rain choose me” xD ❤

  24. berk Says:

    best of sid

  25. Trinh Vitae Says:

    It’s great. I love this song, both versions.

  26. Bella Says:

    It sounds REALly similar to Yohio’s Sakura Falling.

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